Free Chlorine Validation Study in Drinking Water

Pyxis Lab® recently launched their ST-765SS Series inline oxidizer + pH smart sensor for drinking water, domestic water, decorative water and other clean water applications. This new unique bare gold electrode technology offers free chlorine or chlorine dioxide and pH measurement with one sensor with fully integrate pH compensation. Dramatically reduce your analytical equipment costs and maintenance while improving your measurement accuracy by utilizing this proprietary smart sensor technology only from Pyxis Lab! 


Please carefully read our validation study of the Pyxis Lab® Inc ST-765SS sensor in Drinking Water Application: ST-765 Validation Study.pdf (

The Pyxis ST-765SS Series are stainless steel multi-parameter membrane-less sensors based on unique electrochemical principles to determine numerous oxidizers including free-residual chlorine and chlorine dioxide plus pH and temperature of water. These sensors incorporate Pyxis’ advanced technology in the field of bare-gold electrochemical detection. The sensor can simultaneously compensate for temperature and pH in the measurement of oxidizer based on real-time conditions present in the application of use.

Key Benefits:
  • Real-Time pH + Oxidizer (0-5ppm) Detection
  • Dual 4-20mA Outputs (Oxidizer + pH) and RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
  • Optional FR-300-PLUS auto-brushing flow reservoir for dirty water applications
  • Integrated RTD & pH Compensation to pH 9.0 of the Oxidizer Value
  • Replaceable EH-765 Reference Electrode Assembly – Simple Maintenance


Typical Applications:
  • Potable water
  • Secondary water supply
  • Industrial water
  • Domestic water
  • Cooling tower water
Please contact Iwaki Belgium in case of further information:

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