IX-B series

Motor Driven Pumps

High efficiency brushless motor driven diaphragm type metering pump

Unique drive design

The IX-B pumps use brushless DC (BLDC) motors to control the pump stroke speed. The efficiency of the BLDC motor provides a high power output in a small package and allows the IX-B pumps to achieve 45L/H discharge flowrates.

High Turndown Ratio

The turndown ratio of the IX-B series improves to 1000:1 via stroke rate control by the BLDC motor.

High Accuracy

The pumps are +-1% repeatable across most of the control range. Minimum flow of the IX-B series is 0.0075L/H.

Degassing valve unit design

Due to the proprietary valve unit design the IX series pumps provides excellent degassing ability. The IX-B pumps retain this feature creating an entire pump line that will not gas lock and has no priming issues.

Improved chemical resistance

Liquid End materials in PVDF or SUS316, a highly chemical resistance material, and a choice of elastomers (FKM or EPDM). New is a non-elastomer, solid PTFE diaphragm providing optimal resistance to chemical gas penetration and better allround chemical resistance.

Flexible installation

The IX-B pumps unique design enables the pumps to be installed in various locations. The control unit can easily be repositioned by customers onsite. The pump base can also be relocated and wall mounted without any extra parts required. Tubing, threaded, flanged or union (Georg Fischer) connections are available as standard options providing easy installation for any application.

IX-B series
45 l/h
17 bar
0 to 50 degC

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