Iwaki magnetic drive pumps in steel industry

Iwaki Belgium supplied a total project for magnetic drive pumps in the steel industry.

One of our customers in the steel industry changed into Iwaki magnetic drive pumps a few years ago.

Based on their excellent experience, they again ordered a range of Iwaki mag. drive pumps for their production.
Since they replaced normal mechanical seal pumps by mag. drive pumps, their maintenance cost reduced significant.

With an IWAKI magnetic drive pump you get one of the market’s most reliable pumps. The magnetic coupling – and pump materials polypropylene, PFA and ETFE – gives you a 100% tight pump. In fact the pump manage extremely aggressive liquids without risk of spillage into the environment.


Unique Non-Contact System

IWAKI’s pumps are designed with a mechanism to withstand dry running. High magnet power of the rare earth magnets prevents the magnet capsule coming into contact with the thrust ring of the rear casing, thus preventing melting of fluororesin components due to heat generation. This greatly improves resistance against dry running.

Dry running is a problem for all types of pumps with or without shaft seals. IWAKI’s pumps offer you yet another advantage compared to traditional pumps. In traditional pumps, dry running causes overheat and eventually breaking the shaft seal.


Safety & Durability

It is IWAKI’s overall mission to produce pumps of high quality to ensure that working with chemical fluids is easier and safer. The magnetic coupling in our pumps ensure no leakage or spillage of hazardous liquids into the environment and therefore also to the people working close to the pumps.

At IWAKI, you can accuire a pump that makes working with chemical fluids much more safer than ever before:

  • Magnetic coupling ie. no shaft seals therefore no leakage.
  • No toxic or hazardous fumes into the environment.
  • Considerably longer service life of the pump itself.
  • Less maintenance and therefore better economy
  • A better working environment

Used in

  • Steel industry
  • Surface treatment
  • Chemical industry
  • Waste water treatment
  • Paper industry

More information about Iwaki Mag Drive Pumps.

Contact us for further details:
+32 13 67 02 00


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