Introduction of the newest Walchem Water Treatment and Cu/Ni Controller

The Newest Addition to the Intuition Family Has Arrived


We already had some teasers over the past months about the new Walchem Water Treatment controller.

Yesterday, Walchem launched its newest model. After the successful launch of the Intuition 9 a few months ago, they now introduced the newest member of the Intuition family. The new Intuition 6 Water Treatment controller will replace the older W600 model.

As an official Walchem distributor and water treatment specialist, Iwaki Belgium is very pleased with this new product development.


The All-New Intuition-6™ has a large color touch screen display and a rugged new enclosure. We’ve added new graphing capabilities, six virtual outputs, and increased to six virtual inputs. It also includes the redundant sensor type as well as the 4-20 mA flowmeter analog input type, plus other new features that make Intuition-6 simple to set up and operate.

Like its big brother, Intuition-6 menus look identical to the user when connected to the controller online, and now the webpages can be encrypted!

Next to the Intuition 6 Water Treatment controller, Walchem also introducted the Intuition-6 Cu/Ni controllers. These controllers provide reliable, flexible and powerful control for your electroless plating or etching process. Measures Copper, Nickel, pH plus ORP, Conductivity, or any sensor with a 4-20 mA signal.

More information on the Walchem controllers:

Intuition 9:

Intuition 6:

Intuition 6 Cu/Ni:


Intuition 6 Cu/Ni controller

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