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IX-C/D series
Hi-Techno pomp

High Turndown Ratio:

Motor control adjusts the discharge and suction speeds to meet a full and accurate turndown ratio of 750:1

High Accuracy:

Combined with precise motor control, an efficient valve design maintains accurate flow rates allowing a low cost, mechanically-driven diaphragm pump to achieve a high accuracy of ±1%.

Energy Savings:

Helical gears and return springs reduce power consumption by up to 70% compared to conventional motor-driven mechanical diaphragm metering pumps.

High Compression Pump Head Design:

A fixed stroke length maintains a high compression ratio in each stroke resulting in fast priming and no air-lock at any flow rate.

Flexible, User-friendly Interface:

The controller position can be ordered in 6 positions for operator convenience and ease of use after installation.

Max. discharge capacity300 l/u
Max. discharge pressure 4 ~ 10 bar
Main materialsPVDF, SUS316
Liquid temp. rangePVDF: 0 ~ 50 degC, SUS316: 0 ~ 80 degC

IX-C060 IX-C150
  IX-C060T (PVDF)  IX-C150T (PVDF)
  IX-C060S6 (SUS316)  IX-C150S6 (SUS316)
IX-D150 IX-D300
 IX-D150T (PVDF)  IX-D300T (PVDF)
 IX-D150S6 (SUS316)  IX-D300S6 (SUS316)