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EWN-Y serie
Elektromagnetische doseerpompen

The EWN-Y electromagnetic pump combined with EFS flow sensor (option) provides accurate real time control & display of dosing rate. The required flow rate is simply input to the pump. Through feedback from the EFS sensor, the pump constantly adjusts its speed to maintain the set dosing rate - even under changing temperature, viscosity, or suction & discharge pressure conditions. The EFS is mounted directly on the pump to digitally display dosing rate per minute or hour - ALL WITHOUT ANY CALIBRATION. The EWN-Y gives a proportional 4-20mA output signal of dosing rate and displays operating history such as total flow volume and power on time.


High resolution

The stroke rate can be set with 1spm increments in between 1 and 360spm. The stroke length adjustment further assists fine adjustment that the stroke rate adjustment cannot reach. Contentious precise chemical feeding is now available.

Multi voltage

The use of the multi voltage circuit design allows the pump to work anywhere in the world.

A wide variation

PVC, GFRPP, PVDF or SUS316 pump head, B- or C-type drive unit and each diaphragm size are available.

Built-in controller

The EWN-Y has the mode of 1:1 operation, multiplier/divider programming control (digital signal), proportional control (analogue signal rigid & variable) and batch mode and can dedicate itself to a particular purpose by selecting a suitable mode. Also, the flow rate indication can be converted from spm to l/h or gph.

Max. discharge capacity2,3 ~ 25,2 l/u
Max. discharge pressure 10 bar
Stroke rate1 ~ 360 spm
Main materialsPVC, PP, PVDF, SUS316
Liquid temp. rangePVC: -10 ~ 40 degC, PP/PVDF/SUS316: -10 ~ 60 degC