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EWN-Y-A & EFS serie
Elektromagnetische doseerpompen

Non-gas lock and accurate flow by Auto-air vent valve and feedback control

The Auto-air vent valve eliminates the gas-lock problem with continuance bleeding liquid and gas constructions. A precise flow measuring per stroke and a feedback control enable precise chemical dosing, meanwhile the bleeding system is normally difficult to keep precise dosing. The system can also bleed gas out as short time as possible, even if setting discharge flow is small.

High resolution

The stroke rate can be set with 1spm increments in between 1 and 360spm. The stroke length adjustment further assists fine adjustment that the stroke rate adjustment cannot reach. Contentious precise chemical feeding is now available.

Multi voltage

The use of the multi voltage circuit design allows the pump to work anywhere in the world.

Max. discharge capacity1,8 ~ 7,8 l/u
Max. discharge pressure 10 bar
Stroke rate1 ~ 360 spm
Main materialsPVC
Liquid temp. range-10 ~ 40 degC