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EWN-A serie
Elektromagnetische doseerpompen

This type equips automatic air vent mechanism. An air vent valve built-in pump chamber enables reliable air venting. Also equipped manual air vent valve enables easy pressure release in discharge piping. Gaseous liquid such as sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide can be injected without gas locking.

Entrained air is automatically expelled from the pump head. No special degassing is needed.

The pump immediately resumes operation without gas lock even after a long period of stoppage.

Use the air vent port manually for quick release of discharge line pressure.

Capable of pumping concentrated sodium hypochlorite.

Max. discharge capacity1,8 ~ 6,6 l/u
Max. discharge pressure 10 bar
Stroke rate1 ~ 360 spm
Main materialsPVC
Liquid temp. range-10 ~ 40 degC