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EH-E serie
Elektromagnetische doseerpompen (grote capaciteit modellen)

High resolution

The discharge volume is adjusted in terms of stroke length and rate. The stroke length can be adjusted between 20% and 100%, and the stroke rate can be set between 0 and 360 spm, which enables the EH-E pump to provide a wide range of flow rates.

Microcomputer built-in controller

The controller includes a microcomputer that enables a single pump to operate in four modes (manual / proportional control / pulse control / count control), switching between modes by means of the keys.

Water- and dust-proof structure

The pump body, aluminium die-cast frame is molded by reinforced plastics (GFRPP), has a water- and dust-proof structure that is immune to liquids and atmosphere corrosion. The water-proof level is IP65.

Chemical resistance features

Materials available for the pump head are PVC, GFRPP (Polypropylene), PVDF (Fluororesin), and SUS (Stainless steel). All other wetted-parts consist of corrosion-proof materials; Hastelloy C276, ceramic, fluoroelastomer, PTFE, etc.

Max. discharge capacity20,4 ~ 75 l/u
Max. discharge pressure 10 bar
Stroke rate0 ~ 360 spm
Main materialsPVC, PP, PVDF, SUS316
Liquid temp. rangePVC: 0 ~ 40 degC, PP/PVDF/SUS316: 0 ~ 60 degC

 EH-E31•E36-V  EH-E31•E36-PC
 EH-E46-V  EH-E46-PC
 EH-E56-V  EH-E56-PC
 EH-E31•E36-FC  EH-E31•E36-SH
 EH-E46-FC  EH-E46-SH
 EH-E56-FC  EH-E56-SH


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